Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sunday Stamps #115

This computer is having problems and is running slow so I will have to make this short.

You would think it would be Spring but my part of the midwest will be overrun by a snowstorm in a day or so.  No matter, I have some pretty flowers on stamps to share with you.  Remember, our theme this week is pink.

These, as you can tell, arrived from Japan.  The postcard was of a lovely painting by Utagawa of some geisha.

Next week:  It's March 31 and Easter for much of the world.  It is also close to the time of the cherry blossoms (Hatami) in Japan.
So Theme next week:  Christian symbols, Easter symbols, or flowers, esp. cherry blossoms.

I hope I have some stamps for this!  I am picking this theme without the actual stamps on hand!  I guess I could use the left hand stamp above.



Master said...

Hello friends!
I came here on Bob Scotney's invitation on my blog. I am sorry that my posts are not super-perfect with the pink theme, but I will try to be more thematic and punctual in future ;)
Hope to enjoy the Sunday Stamps next week as well!
Regards from Pakistan!

Maria said...

Hello Viridian, it's been quite a a while again. I'm happy to be back and participate in your Sunday stamps :)

I'm happy too that you're still very enthusiastic in hosting this linky.

Have a lovely week ahead!

Lisa B said...

Here in the UK we're 'snowed in' (again) since Friday, so anyway I had time to find some pink stamps :)

Joy said...

The bee would do well to stay on that stamp for a while here in the UK with piles of snow everywher although I believe it is warm in Japan at the moment. I seem to have anticipated your cherry blossom thoughts this week but at least unlike last week I have remembered to link my post up.

Julie Goucher said...

It has been a while since I have participated and I thought I would paricipate, a little out of the box with this week's entry. Will see what I can pull together for Easter.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

As everyone else from the UK tells you, it is cold, cold, cold here but I did spot some pink blossom on my way through London on the train. Nevertheless, my entry has not been inspired by that.

Beth Niquette said...

The flowers are lovely dear lady! I hope this note finds you well--I've heard of the snowstorms in the East. Here in Oregon it is to be 70 degrees. Everything is bursting into bloom. (sigh) Not one snowflake this winter. Ah, well--flowers make up for that loss! Have a lovely day!


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