Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sunday Stamps # 87

It's time again for Sunday Stamps.

Today's theme: Cats, dogs, and other pets.  I wish I could have a cat as a pet, but alas, I have allergies.  And to dogs too, though not as bad.  But I can enjoy some great stamps featuring dogs:

The top stamp is from Hong Kong and shows a working dog, an English Springer spaniel.  This breed is used as sniffer dogs, for explosives and other items, and I think that is what is being shown in this stamp.  

 The bottom stamp is a unique stamp made by a Postcrosser, showing herself and her pet dog (looks like a German Shepherd to me).  This breed of dog is noted for its loyalty and intelligence, among other  traits.  It is also used as a sniffer dog, and for police work.


Theme next week: My themes are picked based on your suggestions, or by what stamps I happen to have on hand or receive in the mail. Suggestions welcome!  Next week:  the Post, post boxes, postal vans, stamps on stamps, or similar images.


Bob Scotney said...

I'll be showing dogs again as well. Two great stamps you have especially the Springer.

Sreisaat said...

I adore dogs - I own two!
We used to have an English Springer as well but we had to give her away because we were moving to a place where dogs weren't allowed :(

Postcards Crossing

Marcie said...

I always admire the working dogs, they can be lifeguards or help handicapped people, they can sniff things... that is incredible!

Joy said...

I've gone with dogs too. I do like spaniels, innately cute.

Ana said...

ive gone with dogs and cats :)

it would be cool to have my cats featured on stamps...but without me :)
The English Springer spaniel is just lovely!

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

I would like to suggest for future theme:Emergency Vehicle like Firetrucks,Ambulance.
for animals, let us be specific,like Birds,or insects, or animals that live only on waters.


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