Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sunday Stamps #79

Theme this week:
Isaid: "It's Canada Day, US Independence Day, Bastille Day, and probably other national holidays. Let's share Flag stamps or patriotic stamps, from your country or another country."  I looked for a not so boring stamp showing the USA flag.

And found this one, on a stamp from Japan.  This arrived recently via a Postcrosser.

I do like the cherry blossoms trailing in front of the USA flag.  It reminds me  of the recent set of two stamps issued by the USA showing the cherry blossoms in bloom in Washington DC.  And of course I wanted to include in the scan the stamp that came with it, showing hearts and doves.

Please share your flag stamps and feel free to visit some other interesting blogs this week.

Theme next week:  stamps for the Olympics (this year or previous years), or featuring a sporting activity.  The Games are almost upon us!


Postcardy said...

Until I noticed the date on your flag stamp, I thought it was probably a new one commemorating the centennial of the cherry trees in Washington. It is actually commemorating "Japan 1975 Americian Tour By Emperor."

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

It seems unusual to see the flag of another country featuring but Postcardy's explanation makes sense.

The Olympic torch comes through our little town next week - real flags are everywhere, but so far no stamps.

Joy said...

The two stamps go nicely together, cherry blossom scattered on the flag is a neat idea.

LiT Web Studio said...

a lovely and unusual choice! looking forward to the olympic stamps next week too - will be sure to post something at Penny Black 1840

Marcie said...

The stamp reminds me on the Washington stamps I have posted some weeks ago. I would love to see the cherry blossoms myself some day!

Ana said...

i love the combination of the US flag and the cherry blossoms..the colours go so nicely together! I wish i could see cherry blossoms one day too.

Helen said...

Hi Viridian! Great stamp. As a general rule Japanese stamps tend to be really fantastic and well designed.

dakotaboo said...

Great stamps again this week. My entry for this week has now been uploaded.


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