Friday, June 1, 2012

Postcard Friendship Friday June 1

I am sorry I have been away for a while.  Back again today.

A recipe postcard from Russia - involving caviar as a topping, of course!  The instructions are on the reverse and are pretty complicated, involving preparing the yeast, kneading, letting the dough rest, and kneading again.  Maybe not.

I am joining up with Beth at the Best Hearts are Crunchy for PFF today.



LiT Web Studio said...

those pancakes look delicious! happy PFF!

Irene said...

I think I would have to adapt that recipe. The caviar is an interesting topping.

ika iku ika said...

hi,, I am from Indonesia and less than 2 months I became interested in anything related with Russia. hmmm ... for recipe above, I want to ask. what is the difference between wheat flour with buckwheat flour, are can be found in Indonesia and whether it can be replaced with another flour if it does not exist in Indonesia? Thank you.


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