Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sunday Stamps #8

In which stamps move into the internet age.

I received it on a postcard from Germany. (Love the snowdrop.) If you go to this website and can read the German you too can order specialized postage for your postcards or letters.

In the USA you can do this too - if you are willing to pay more than the marked rate on the stamp. The US Postal Service offers zazzle stamps, at US $19.99 to $20.95 for 20 stamps. Here are two of my favorites.

You can also make your own specialized postage, using your own images, at  It looks pretty straightforward, and I might do it someday.   I hope Dorin will add some more information, as he has produced these special stamps and shown them on his blog.
A question: will some of these become very collectible?  They are limited editions.  Will stamp collectors snap them up?


Theme for next week:  Children's artwork on stamps, or stamps that would appeal to children (cartoons!)


Postcardy said...

I think the regular issue postage stamps are more attractive than the Zazzle stamps. I wouldn't want to pay extra for stamps.

Sreisaat said...

I agree with Postcardy. I would still prefer the regular stamps. Perhaps when someone asks for a specific photo on a stamp that is hard to find, that's when I'd consider. But for me, I love the regular stamps :)

Postcards Crossing: Sunday Stamps 006: Customized Stamps

Joy said...

Pretty flowers, I just looked at snowdrops in the garden this morning.
I think the internal design makes the issued stamps collectable. We have "smilers" here issued through the post office where you can use your own images.

dakotaboo said...

As a personal preference but it would be regular stamps for me rather than custom made, but I can see the appeal in some circumstances. Have uploaded my post this week, vaguely on topic. Happy Stamps Sunday.

Bob Scotney said...

I'd take the regular stamps every time. I can see the zazzle types turning into mere adverts. We have to put up enough with that without adverts invade stamps. But as it's a money earner I guess we will see more and more.

Dorincard said...

Thanks, Viridian, for this topic!
As I expected, most people are against. :)
A zazzle stamp is whatever you want it to be (within limits, of course).
Mere adverts, Bob? Then what are the "regular" Disney stamps, The Simpsons, etc.?
Every stamp in the world is, by design, an advert of some kind, for something!
People, isn't there some topic/subject that YOU would like to create and have on a stamp?
If not, then I am sorry in more ways than one...:)
USPS stamps are at face value because they are printed by the MILLIONS!
Remember that when you complain that you pay extra for a stamp design that MAY remain printed in only 20 copies in the world, forever.
Objective/scientific truth is when Copernicus tells everybody around him that they are wrong, and they CANNOT establish the scientific truth by vote.
Subjective/personal truth is very different: everybody has their own truth, their own preferences.
Personalized stamps are a chance to express yourself, with something from your mind (if there's anything...special there).

Dorincard said...

In my blogpost, I just added links to personalized stamps images from about 25 countries! :)

Dorincard said...

If you order now a set of 20 stamps of 28 cents, you may get a 10% discount offer from zazzle for next purchase over $25 or so.
Then photograph yourself holding that sheet, if you want to get $5 off by posting it on a Friday at zazle's blog.
Later you can customize that initial design, changing to large size, portrait/landscape, 28c to 44c denomination, etc.
Create and get approval in advance, to be ready to order when you find a promotion.
Approval may take 3 days.

Shaunna said...

I would love to join you in this, but I can't get to my scanner easily - the only reason postcards are still coming is because I have them scheduled! When I get a bit more free time, I will definitely try to participate! :)


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