Friday, June 8, 2012

Sepia Saturday 129

The prompt for this week's Sepia Saturday is a photograph of a lady being served tea.

Well, for me, I would prefer something a little stronger.  So I turn to my trusty Barman's Bible.

It has a copyright of of 1943, but I seem to have the 1976 reprint.  All sorts of classic recipes are included, from an Old-Fashioned, to a Mai Tai, to the Zombie.  Of course one must have the correct bar utensils to properly make some of the drinks.

Goodness this could become quite a production!  Well I am lifting a glass to all of you.  Cheers!



Wendy said...

I'm sure there's a recipe for a Long Island Iced Tea or maybe something with a little coffee liqueur.

Postcardy said...

I like the cover design.

North County Film Club said...

What a handy little recipe book. But I doubt if it would contain all the new drinks the young people are drinking these days. I guess you'd have to find those on the Internet.

Sharon said...

My daughter is studying communication design and the simplicity of the past is coming back. Good to see.

Alan Burnett said...

I must confess, I have never been a great lover of cocktails (although my wife is a devoted fan). I least I don't need to invest in all that equipment.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

This is so funny! I drink wine more often than I drink tea or fancy drinks. Though wine is like tea, you know what you are to be getting, and a strong tea won't throw you for a loop like a strong cocktail will, lol.

Great post,

Kathy M.

Little Nell said...

A glass of wine or a gin and tonic for me. We once went through a phase of dry martinis, with the correct glasses etc, after seeing a play where the cast were mixing them all the way through. I do like the lettering on the book’s cover and I bet it’s an interesting read.

North County Film Club said...

I googled Oscar Haimo and found he had written an autobioraphy. He was the head barman of the Hotel Pierre in New York City. That Barmen's Bible was around for quite awhile. Maybe not quite as long as that other Bible.
Don't you just love "googling"?

Bob Scotney said...

The bar utensils look like a set of surgeon's implements. Cocktails are like Starbucks and Costa coffee - they take too long to produce!

Kristin said...

I had no idea all those different utensils were needed to mix drinks.


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