Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sunday Stamps #64

In which our theme is anything you wish, as I couldn't think of a theme.

So I am sharing with you one of the Postcrossing stamps issued by The Netherlands.  Yes there are others!  I just received a different one on a postcard.

I just love Postcrossing.  I have been a member since April 2008.  You sign up, and request addresses of persons (complete strangers) to send postcards to.  After they arrive and are registered, your name and address go in the queue so that someone can send a postcard to you.  And then repeat.  Most of the newer stamps you see on this blog arrived via Postcrossing postcards.  I have sent (and received) more than 1000 postcards!

Thank you everyone who suggested future themes for Sunday Stamps.  Whatever the theme is, I encourage you to stretch the theme!  Even post a stamp that doesn't follow the theme!  That's fine with me. I will be using some of the themes shortly.

Theme next week: Architecture.  This could be a church or a municipal building, a historic site, or folk architecture (think: cottages).  Even an archeological site.  Or a stamp showing an architectural detail.


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Postcardy said...

I haven't received one of the Postcrossing stamps yet.

I sent a lot of cards when I first joined Postcrossing, but I haven't sent many lately. Postage is so expensive that it is more economical to buy the cards I really like to collect.

VioletSky said...

Postcrossing is getting expensive, but I still love getting a postcard in the mail, so I will continue for a bit longer!
Dutch stamps tend to be rather boring, but this one is good advertising for sending post!

Maria said...

I haven't received a postcrossing stamp yet...or have I? Hmm, gotta go over the postcards I've got through website. Been a member for 369 days now :)

Postcardy said...

Some more ideas for common themes are the Europa themes. Wikipedia has a list here:

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

Coincidentally I featured Dutch stamps today too.

I still enjoy Postcrossing very much. Our postage has increased by about 30%!!!! so I may have to slow down a little, but I do enjoy having cards arrive and the randomness of it all.

Lisa B said...

I didn't know stamps had been issued in honour of postcrossing! I suppose it's to the advantage of the post offices to promote it! Lovely stamp.

Marcie said...

I also love the postcrossing stamps!

dakotaboo said...

Glad of the anything you wish theme this week, as it's given me the chance to share these.

Alhana said...

I am a little envious of your postcrossing stamp. I have received several postcards from the Netherlands but none of these stamps yet.
I joined this week with an architecture stamp, would does it count as next week's entry too? ;-)


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