Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sunday stamps # 63

This week's theme is flowers, or Spring. 

Here are some roses from Great Britain.  This is an older stamp that had been hiding in my desk drawer at work.  But I do not how old this stamp is.

Spring is going strong here in the Midwest! Four days of well above average temperatures has made the trees and bushes bud, and then burst open with new little leaves.

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Now I ask for your help.  I am running low on ideas for themes for Sunday Stamps.  April is  National Poetry month, so there is one theme.  But do you have some suggestions for future themes, ones where people in different parts of the world will be able to find a related stamp?  What have I overlooked?

So, as you can guess, the theme for next week is anything you wish!



Postcardy said...

I like the themes of postal history and postal services.

Postcardy said...

I think a better idea is to have a suggested theme that people don't have to follow unless they have stamps fitting the theme and/or want to follow the theme.

Helen said...

Hi Viridian!
I love the idea of Sunday Stamps, and I am excited to join in this week.
As for stamp themes, I am new and haven't explored all your blog posts, so I apologise if some of these have previously been covered. But here are some possible themes:
1. Industrial heritage
2. Science/scientists
3. National Parks/ Wilderness areas
4. Or my current favourite theme: Maps on Stamps.


VioletSky said...

all of the above are good ideas (though I like having a theme, even a very generic one, just to see how people will interpret it)

I also thought of:
literature, reading
activities or action
cartoons or cartoonish figures
... and stamps that no matter how hard you try, you just have no idea what they are representing!

Maria said...

Hello Viridian,

It's been quite a while...

Thanks for the flower theme. I've got a few to share :)

Happy Sunday!

Jocelyn said...

How about:

Olympic Games
National Sports (in my country these are Rugby, Soccer and Cricket)
Unusual Sports (that you don't see often like archery)
Winter Sports
non-team sports (like Tennis or Golf)

Early explorers
Space explorers

Hobbies (anything from mountaineering to origami)

Artistic Expressions - art, music, dance


From each continent
Venomous or Poisonous
Biggest or smallest

Bob Scotney said...

You have a comprehensive list already. I'd just add architecture.

dakotaboo said...

Lovely stamp this week. My submission is now up. Happy Sunday Stamps !!

Four-eyed-missy said...

Wow, the suggested themes are wonderful! We do not have spring here in Cambodia but the flower trees in the city are in bloom.

I just posted mine, will come back for the second entry later (a bit of ironing to do on a Sunday, can you believe it?haha). Meanwhile, here's my first entry:

Sunday Stamps: Hanami season in Japan @Postcards Crossing

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I like both postcardy's suggestions, and especially that it's not necessary to follow the theme. I prefer a theme myself but it would be a shame if people felt they couldn't join in for want of an exact match.

Joy said...

Everything I thought of has been mentioned, what great suggestions.

Four-eyed-missy said...

Hi. I'm back for my second entry!
Have a great Sunday :)

My Stamp Menagerie

Alhana said...

I chose a rose too for my second entry. Aren't they lovely?
I wouldn't mind if you repeated themes. There is always one more stamp from this or that subject we can post about.


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