Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sunday Stamps #4

Last week was a celebration of theme stamps, specifically volcanoes.

This week, in celebration of the Chinese New Year, I am sharing with you some Chinese stamps.  These are from Postcrossing postcards I have received recently. I really like the top ones, as they show several different types of classic Chinese art.

 The new year is the year of the Rabbit, and I almost scanned some rabbit stamps from Belarus!  Aimee has a great postcard and stamp that she has already posted.

Do you have some Chinese or rabbit stamps to share?

Theme next week: rockets and space!



Postcardy said...

I like that fancy green hairdo.

Christine H. said...

That branch with the buds is very pretty. I don't have any stamps to post this week, but thought I'd stop by to take a look at some.

Sreisaat said...

Hello Viridian... am joining today. Oops, I didn't know there is a theme every week? Today I'm sharing an FDC from Greecce, if that's alright.
I have similar stamps, too, from my Postcrossing friends...they look very classic.

Postcards Crossing

Deborah said...

I love Chinese stamps always so interesting.

Joy said...

A nice selection, China stamps have such variety.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I think Chinese stamps are some of the most beautiful there are.

I managed to keep to the theme this week but I may struggle with space or rockets. Plenty of time for a good search though.

Sorry I didn't get to visit people last week. I've been running in ever decreasing circles recently.

viridian said...

Sreisatt and Sheila: No you don't have to follow a theme. Just thought it could provide a guide - for me if no one else!!!
Thank you for participating - so great to open my blog this USA Sunday morning and see 6 participants already.

Aimee Dars said...

Beautiful stamps! Thanks for linking to my earlier post.

Dorincard said...

Very fine detail on these Chinese stamps.But USPS will issue a beautiful stamp on 2012 - just wait! Keyword: Tso.

Unknown said...

Mine favorite post card id the river is flowing between the snow it look like a haven . And the other things i like is a watel fall it feel the happyiness of the nature .

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