Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sunday Stamps #2

Welcome to week 2 of Sunday Stamps.  I started with a stamp that was, indeed a miniature piece of art - and a copy of a larger piece of art.

Today's stamps are pieces of art too, commemorating the hobby of stamp collecting.  Click and enlarge them to see the detail.  These stamps are also engraved - you can feel the ridges as you run your fingers over them. [Edited to add:  They just LOOK as if they are engraved - no ridges.  However they are almost the last of this style produced.]  I think they are some of the last USA stamps to be produced in such a way.

Feel free to include this button in your post. I would love to see it used. Thank you Itkupilli for the button.

here is the code to paste into your blog:
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Deborah said...

Great stamps.

Postcardy said...

I have some maximum cards with those stamps. I didn't know about the engraving. I'll have to look at them closer.

Elaine said...

Very unusual..I didn't know they engraved some.. I need to get out my book.

Sreisaat said...

Engraved stamps, you say? How cool is that! I want some of that *lol*

Postcards Crossing

Joy said...

They sound wonderfully tactile, and of course a great subject matter:-)

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

A lovely set of stamps! Stamps seem to need a special form or style of art - not everything looks good so small.

Dorincard said...

I like those stamps, and I would say that the second from left shows some maximum cards, or just postcards that could be made into maximum cards. :)


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