Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sunday Stamps II 162

Welcome to my contribution to Sunday Stamps, in the cool and drizzly American Midwest.

SeeitonaPostcard is up to the letter X.  I remember gathering images from the internet of words pertaining to the alphabet, for a project my daughter was doing in first grade (some years ago now!)  Tiring of X-rays and the xylophone,  I printed out a picture of a Xebec:

A type of boat used in the Mediterranean.  "But momma, that is a boat!" claimed my daughter, and off we went to find a picture of a xylophone.

I don't have this stamp in hand - I went off on the internet myself to find this image of a Maltese stamp.

Visit SeeitonaPostcard and see who else is joining in!

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FinnBadger said...

Another great find. I am entertained by how many people took part for X - currently you to 8 entries, a lot more than for the easier letters.

Mail Adventures said...

I thought the same , Finnbadger!
The stamp is cool. That kind of boat is called "xabec" in Catalan, and "jabeque" in Spanish.

Bob Scotney said...

Great stamp - one to look out for.

violet s said...

What a nice looking choice for X!


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