Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sunday Stamps # 197

And so we move closer to the end of my journey, Sunday Stamps # 200.

It's a warmer day, and we had a nice dinner at chez Viridian, a pasta casserole with Italian sausage and cheese, bread and salad, and a nice red wine for the adults. :-)

Our theme this week is furniture.  One of my stamps has been shown before in previous weeks:

It may be a classic but it does not look comfortable to sit upon.  And one from the USA:

A Chippendale, at 4 cents this is for make up postage.

Please join me this week with any stamp on furniture, or home furnishings.


Theme next week: birds, a perennial theme.
Theme week after that:  Anything you wish.


Bob Scotney said...

Glad to see some real furniture stamps, mine do not really fit the theme.

Mail Adventures said...

I'm afraid we published the same stamps! Well, it isn't an easy theme...

Joy said...

Yes the Chippendale does look the more comfortable. The stamp brings out the design.

Lisa B said...

the US add on stamps have some good designs, next to my Eames stamps was a 10c clock - much more interesting than GB low values.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I've been away for three weeks and the world has turned upside down!! It's a shame you don't feel able to continue with Sunday Stamps though I can appreciate why. I'm slightly relieved that Violet Sky has offered to take over because I would have offered too, and might have regretted it.


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