Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sunday stamps # 120

It's time for Sunday Stamps, and the theme is:

Anything you wish.

I had several things in mind, but then a Postcrossing card arrived in my mailbox. It is from the Ukraine and came in an envelope decorated with all sorts of interesting stamps.

From the left: A peasant couple, perhaps with  the goose that lays golden eggs; a castle or fortress; a scene of a couple jumping a fire, which is not a stamp at all, but is attached to the stamp of the windmill beside it.  Below: leaves and nut of tree that sure looks familar but I can't place the name.

A busy Spring weekend, with the end of the semester upon me!  Enjoy the free theme this week.

Theme next week: Stamps from China, or Taiwan.  I've recently received interesting stamps from both places.



Bob Scotney said...

The tree with the nut is a horse chestnut.

Lisa B said...

Nice assortment of stamps.

Joy said...

What a super selection of stamps to receive, gives a varied view of the Ukraine.

agi said...

i really like the variety - ukraine post issues lovely stamps :)

viridian said...

Thank you Bob for that information.

Maria said...

I always love receiving postcards and letters with multiple stamps on them :) And yep, most of these postcards came from Ukraine.

VioletSky said...

I find I am sometimes more excited about the variety of stamps on the postcard than the card itself!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely lovely stamps, a really like them all.


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