Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sunday Stamps #117

Oh my, I have been looking forward to this week's Sunday Stamps.

Our theme is minerals, rocks, geology, environment.

As some of you have deduced, I love this topic!  Imagine my excitment recently upon receiving a card from the Ukraine, and turning it over to find:

Stamps of tiger-eye and Beryl (I think).  The stamps appear iridescent and have that 3-D look to them, which the scan cannot capture.  Marvelous!  And triangular too!  Join me this week, and don't be afraid to interpret this theme broadly.

Theme next week:  Lighthouses, or other public structures.



agi said...

i love the theme too! i have a collection of semi-precious stones at home, sometimes i just hold and observe them...beside these gorgeous ukrainian stamps i dont think i can find any, excepts for the mini-sheets that croatian mail issued a few years in a row :)

Lisa B said...

great stamps, the 3d look sounds really good.

Marcie said...

could not come up with minerals...but I found some rocks. Thank you for posting early, so I could join today and take Sunday off to prepare more of my A-Z posts :)

Master said...

Very beautiful stamps Viridian and an amazing combination of Odd-shaped, 3-D, thematic stamps on minerals!!
I Love the combination.
@Lisa B: Thanks for your offer for my UNESCO World Heritage Sites Project. I shall send you my address today!
~~~ Cheema

Helen said...

I too love the theme. And I love the triangular mineral stamps. How awesome!

VioletSky said...

very nice. I found nothing to share this week, but will visit everyone to see what you all came up with. next week shall be easier :)

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I haven't seen any stamps showing minerals. I would never have imagined they would look as pretty as the ones you have. I can only offer rock formations.

Anonymous said...

Wow. :) What a creative idea.

~SimplyFrancis~ said...

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My email is Im a volunteer and currently working for a Deaf Community in the Philippines.


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