Sunday, November 26, 2017

Sunday Stamps II 154

In the tour of the alphabet, SeeitonaPostcard is up to the letter Q and I am eager to share.  Why?  because I love quilts as well as stamps.  And when the two come together, it's wonderful.

Star quilts from 2016, in USA colors.

And from a few years ago now, quilts from Gee's bend, showing improvisation and bending of the quilt "rules":

Classics of American folk art.

Visit SeeitonaPostcard and see who else is joining in!

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FinnBadger said...

They did a wonderful job with the quilt stamps. Thanks for sharing them today.

Bob Scotney said...

Fine stamps - it must be a nice feeling when your interest combine like these quilts.

violet s said...

Quilts are a great choice (a q word I hadn't thought of!)

Joy said...

Beautiful stamps. My aunt was an enthusiastic quilter.

Mail Adventures said...

Oh, I love these stamps. I didn't know they exist!

Heleen said...

Beautiful stamps, I love the Gee's bend quilt stamps!

I learned about quilts thanks to a friend who moved home from my country to Australia. She started quilting at the time of her moving home, and in Australia she developed her skills into beautiful 'art quilts'. If you'd be interested to see, she has a website,

Ana said...

oh, those Gee's bend quilt stamps are soo lovely! Beautiful to see them in the whole set!


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