Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sunday Stamps 104

Hello and welcome to Sunday Stamps!
A cold, somewhat snowy Sunday in the American Midwest.

The theme this week is mountains.  I found a few stamps I shared on my blog back in 2014:

These two stamps from Russia came to me from a Postcrossing postcard.  I cannot read the script of course and tell you where these mountains are!

Please visit Seeitonapostcard and see who else is joining in this week!



FinnBadger said...

Nice stamps - the one with the text right across the mountain view is a bit odd from a design point of view.

VioletSky said...

I'm not sure that left is actually a stamp - it might be an extra that came with the stamp series?
I find googling the country and year + stamp helps find the theme and subject.
this one seems to be The Golden Mountains of Altai - The Belukha Mountain

Bob Scotney said...

Violetsky is right, the one on the left is a label issued with three stamps of the Golden Mountains of Altai - the other two show a river and a lake.

Joy said...

I like labels attached to stamps, double delight.

Mail Adventures said...

Nice to see these!


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