Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday Stamps II 102

Hurrah to Violet Sky for hosting Sunday stamps for over 100 weeks!

This week's theme is 20th Century inventions.

I think these stamps will do.  From a series of USA stamps on Building a nation.  
This is a group of four stamps from a larger set.  Most of the photographs were taken by Lewis Hine, a famous photographer.  According to Wikipedia, "Lewis Wickes Hine (September 26, 1874 – November 3, 1940) was an American sociologist and photographer. Hine used his camera as a tool for social reform. His photographs were instrumental in changing the child labor laws in the United States."
More images can be found at

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Mail Adventures said...

I have received some of this set, and I love the pictures. Of these four, my favourite would be the typewriter, of course :)

FinnBadger said...

A beautiful set of stamps. A pity they are no longer available for purchase.

Heleen said...

Beautiful photography, beautiful stamp serie! Thank you for sharing!

Joy said...

I love that set, I haven't seen this 4 before. I'm wondering where she is typing there seem to be a lot of cogs and wheels in the background

Maria said...

Thanks for sharing these stamps. I've never received any of them despite getting a lot of FOREVER stamps from the USA.


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