Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday Stamps II 3

Violet Sky is hosting Sunday Stamps now, please visit and see what others have contributed.

I don't have any astrology stamps, nor New Year's stamps.  I hope a scan of stamps that recently came into my mailbox will do.

Two stamps from the Ukraine with themes I like: A rocket about to be launched on the left, and some delicious looking bread on the right.

This Postcrosser has not been affected by the war in Ukraine, but hopes that the war will be over soon.  Reading this made me sad; here in the USA we are so removed from war.



Bob Scotney said...

I get visitors from the Ukraine to my blog but I only see Ukrainian stamps on Sunday Stamps. Like both these.

VioletSky said...

Ukraine has some wonderful stamps. I also like anything space related - rockets and satellites, etc. and bread.
Happy New Year to you.

Postcardy said...

Ukraine seems to be especially proud of their bread. I have seen it pictured on several postcards.

Lisa B said...

It must be terrible living in the midst of such conflict. Lovely stamps, especially the bread. Happy New Year to you.

Joy said...

Yes it is sad when postcrossers live in difficult times for their country. A rocket and a loaf of bread are the perfect combination, your could eat a sandwich while waiting for the launch. I've never seen a launch for real but they always look exciting. One of the thins I like about visiting other countries is trying their varieties of bread.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I thought I had commented here but I must have been imagining things!

I have a different Ukrainian bread stamp on a card that also mentioned the war.


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