Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sunday Stamps # 165

It's Saturday night, and it's a bit warmer in the USA Midwest. Could Spring be around the corner?  My daffodils are growing but have not yet bloomed.

Well it might be time for Sunday Stamps.

Our theme this week is anything you wish.  Now I KNOW you have something to fit this theme!!
I'd like to share a stamps from a recently received card from Bulgaria.

Enlarge these perhaps. There is a bit of detail.  These appear to be two stamps of a series showing beautiful artifacts from the varied history of Bulgaria.  I wish I could decipher the Cyrillic letters.

Join me today in sharing any stamp you wish, perhaps one that may not fit a common theme.

Theme next week: old or vintage stamps from your own country.
Theme two weeks from now: Zodiacal and zodiac signs stamps.



Postcardy said...

There are some online keyboards for typing in Bulgarian and Google can translate if you copy and paste. I do that to translate Russian, though it can be confusing because the italic letters don't always match the keyboard characters.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

Very attractive stamps.

I've just started learning a little Russian just so that I can decipher some of the Cyrillic on stamps and postcards. It isn't easy but it keeps the mind active.

Joy said...

The stamp set are called the Cultural and Historic Heritage of Bulgaria but that does not really help as you'd have guessed that anyway. The stamp on the right reminds me of the ornamentation used on the Geri Irish definitive stamps of the 1970s.

Mail Adventures said...

Me either, I cannot read these stamps. But I find them interesting anyway!

agi said...

i hope its ok to post a link to an older post - last time there was the open theme week and i posted the wrong link, and i thought 'oh how handy now i can rectify that' :D

luvlinens said...

Nice stamps. Have a great week.


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