Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sunday Stamps # 147

Brr!  It's cold, and a few snow flurries are coming down from the sky.  Are you out there, Sunday Stampers?  Good, let's get going.

Today's theme is singers.  I remember the time I had Music as a theme and I learned about Fado, about which I knew nothing.  I am looking forward to learning more this week.

I have two stamps to share from the US Postal Service.

The amazing Ray Charles, and

The Man in Black, Johnny Cash.

These scans are from the USPS, as I don't have these stamps actually in hand.  I plan on ordering them soon.  I also plan on ordering some controversial stamps!  More on that in a few weeks.

Theme next week: unusually shaped or oversized stamps (by suggestion)
Theme two weeks from now: Christmas or holiday stamps.

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Postcardy said...

I thought I didn't have anything with singers, but then I remembered Elvis.

luvlinens said...

WELL YOU BEAT ME TO IT. I could only come up with Elvis myself. I didn't have the stamp around but check out my beach towel.

Lisa B said...

Those are very nice stamps, especially the Johnny Cash. Why is there a line through forever?

Joy said...

I wonder what it would have been like if they had sung together, pity it can't happen now. I especially like the moody Johnny Cash one.

Bob Scotney said...

Two great artists well deserving to be honoured on a stamp.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I haven't seen these on any cards I've received recently. They remind me of the Miles Davis-Edith Piaf issue. Maybe it's just the black background.

viridian said...

Lisa B: the line is through forever so that you can't print this out and have it become a legal stamp.
It is a forever stamps b/c it will always be valid, even if the fisrt class postage goes up (as it always does).

Mail Adventures said...

I'm curious about controversial stamps...


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