Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sunday Stamps #125

Hello and welcome to Sunday Stamps, that quiet time of the week where we share some interesting stamps from around the world.

Our theme this week: Stamps with unusual shapes, or unusual size.

The two stamps below came to me on the same postcard, taking up a bit of space.  They are not huge stamps, but larger than usual.

I haven't received an unusually-shaped stamp in awhile.  I hope someone out there has one!

Sunday Stamps will take a break next week, and I am on vacation with the family.  We will be visiting the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, and various places in-between.  I'll have my ipad mini but not a computer with me.  Sunday Stamps will be back on June 23.

Theme for June 23: Churches, castles, and fortifications.

Please join me this week!



Bob Scotney said...

That second stamp is magnificent.

agi said...

russian post issues magnificent stamps, these are no exception. they are often quite large too, aside the tiny definitives..!

Joy said...

That first stamp looks like it tells an intriguing tale. Both stamps looks as they need a size to tell the story.


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