Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sunday Stamps # 124

Well, my friends, last week is a total loss. As you may know the last weekend in May is a holiday weekend in the USA and many families have parties at home, or go away for the weekend. Our family plans including going to a cottage in a state park. Imagine me in the car on Friday afternoon, thinking, "oh no, I haven't set up Sunday Stamps and with no computer and no internet, there is nothing I can do now!"

I was able to visit some of your posts commemorating important people and/or events, and I thank you.

Well, with little preparation, I think this week's theme had better be, Anything you wish.

I have received a number of Postcrossing postcards from Russia this week, some with interesting stamps.

I cannot make sense of the Cyrillic letters, but I thank this postcrosser for some neat stamps.  Thank you in advance for joining me this week!  And remember, suggestions for future themes always welcome.
Theme next week: Stamps with unusual shapes, or unusual size.


Postcardy said...

I think the stamp on the left says Holy Sergius Monastery and is in Solovetsky Islands. The one on the right is Winter Hat.

Chris Overstreet said...

Holy cow, it really *does* say "winter hat". I'm trying to improve my Russian vocabulary, but if they keep throwing out words like "zimnyaya" for "winter", I've got a long road ahead of me. You'd think the word for "winter" in a country featuring Siberia would be short and to the point.

Lisa B said...

glad you're ok :)

Bob Scotney said...

Oophs! Sorry about the first link, I was in too big a hurry.
Two great Russian stamps, especially the lady in the winter hat.

Joy said...

I like the Russian stamps series featuring hats, you could keep toasty warm in that one.

Maria said...

I think Russian hat is fashionable ;-)

As for your suggestion request for themes, I suggested Disney on my blog entry but I realized I only have just 1, so animated films is a more inclusive theme than Disney. :)

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

It dawned on me the other days that it was time I made an effort to learn a little Russian. I can't make anything out from the Cyrillic letters either.

I'll be missing for the next few weeks while I'm away. I still fondly imagine I might schedule a few posts before I leave but that seems to be drifting further into fantasy land.


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