Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sunday Stamps #110

It's February and that means it's time for the Lunar New Year, or Chinese New Year. In fact I should have had this theme last week, as for 2013 the New Year was celebrated on February 10. However, my Chinese students tell me that the celebration is a month long, so I should be OK.

Above: Stamps of a bridge and of the Brown Eared Pheasant, recently received on a postcard from China. According to Wikipedia: "Due to isolated population, deforestation and still hunted although legally protected by China, the Brown Eared Pheasant is evaluated as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. "

The Lunar New Year stamp for the USA has firecrackers on it.  I wonder if China or other countries issue a stamp for the New Year?  I hope someone can enlighten me. (Remember I am not a stamp collector - just a stamp accumulator!)

Wasn't it amazing, yet scary that on the same day an asteroid narrowly missed Earth, and a meteor exploded above central Russia?  Luckily no one was killed in Russia, though there were a number of people injured, mostly by flying glass.  And I heard on one news report that if the asteroid came by 15 minutes earlier (or later, I can't remember) we wouldn't be so lucky.  This event leads me to the announcement of next week's theme:

Theme next week: Space. Human exploration, planets, moons, or the aurora borealis and other phenomena.



Postcardy said...

I know there are other countries issuing Chinese New Year stamps, but right now my head is spinning after trying to figure out the U.S. issue of 1992-2004.

Joy said...

Love that pheasant in a golden field. There is an ever expanding list of countries issuing lunar new year stamps so maybe there is a greater chance of receiving one in the post!

Helen said...

Hi Viridian, Australia issues a Chinese New Year stamp every year through its territory Christmas Island. I have chosen some lunar new year stamps from previous years to share. Cheers, Helen.

Ana said...

I think that every year, the Lunar NY stamps are getting more and more popular, with people hardly waiting for the new stamps to be issued!

I find the meteor thing fascinating...ive been watching a number of videos on the matter, shot from various Russian is just incredible of what nature can bring...and I wonder, how everyone was warning people about the asteroid, but they didn't see this one coming...

btw, can you please delete the first link i posted above...something has happened, and the wrong link appears...sorry =/

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I haven't had many Chinese stamps recently so my offerings are from Japan and Taiwan respectively.

I will be visiting everyone later on in the week, assuming my computer problems get fixed.

Bob Scotney said...

I was too late for the Linky list for reason you will see on my blog at

That Pheasant is a great stamp.


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