Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday Postcard

I am joining up with Beth for Postcard Friendship Friday, very late indeed.

This is a Christmas postcard I recently received from a Postcrosser in Belarus.  What you can't see is the card is embossed with silver (does not scan well) and the stamp on the reverse has silver on it too.

Here in the midwest USA it is quite a bit warmer than usual.  It's hard to expect snow when the temperature rarely drops below freezing.



Snap said...

This is a lovely card that I bet is impressive with the embossing. We got our first *cold* front this week ... temps down to freezing in the early mornings. Guess that means winter is just around the corner. Happy PFF!

VioletSky said...

It has been rather warm here in southern Ontario, too. Very un-Christmassy!

I've had a few Christmas cards from Belarus and Finland and a lot of them are embossed and glittery - must be a northern way to liven things up :)
I've now asked specifically for Christmas cards in my Postcrossing profile, so hope to get many more.


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