Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sunday Stamps #89

Hurrah for Sunday, and Sunday Stamps!

Theme for this week, by suggestion: music, literature, and books.

I am going to stretch the theme a bit and post a stamp that I think is illustrating a folk tale:

And, I don't even know the details of the fairy or folk tale, only that the woman reminds me of Rapunzel.  Here she is not in a tower but perched on a rock by a pretty stream.  If someone could help me with this interpretation I would appreciate it.

Theme next week:  Open, anything you wish.

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VioletSky said...

I also have this stamp and have been wondering what the tale was.
In fact, I was going to suggest folktales as a theme (I have a few Chinese ones that I also think are folktales that are unknown to me)

Postcardy said...


The illustrations for Pavel Bazhov's fairy-tale stories:

The stamp No 912, 2.00 Rubles. The Stone Flower: Danilo-the-Master and Mistress of the Cooper Mountain.
The stamp No 913, 4.00 Rubles. The Malachite Casket: Mistress of the Cooper Mountain and Tanyushka.
The stamp No 914, 6.00 Rubles. Golden Hair: the hunter Ailyp and his ladylove Golden Hair.

Lisa B said...

Lovely stamp!

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

It does look remarkably like Rapunzel but the story is quite different, now that I've read it. It's a beautiful stamp.

viridian said...

Thank you postcardy for the link. I investigated the other stamps and the story. Yes, I think we could have fairy or folk tales as a future theme.

Bob Scotney said...

Fine stamp. Thanks to postcardy for finding us the story.

Joy said...

I like the golden hair rippling down the stream, and the fox peering over from the other side. Its not a story I know although thanks to Postcard I at least know the names.
Other countries folk tales good theme.

Ana said...

i love the tales coming from the former USSSR...i also picked one today, coming from Belarus. I wholeheartedly suggest watching Russian cartoons :)

Marcie said...

Here is the link to my post if you are interested - I did not manage to post it to the list yesterday :)


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