Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sunday Stamps #66

Our theme this week: It's National Poetry month (at least for the USA). Let's search out stamps of poets or stamps that show quotes from poems or something related to poetry. Interpret this broadly.

I'll admit I don't have the following stamps at hand but I am going to purchase them soon!
A new issue from the US Postal Service:

10 well known US poets from the twentieth century, including one of my favorites, Wallace Stevens.  I'll bet there are already arguments in academic circles about these choices.  I understand why Ezra Pound isn't here - but no Robert Frost (too popular?) no Marianne Moore?  [Edited to add: if I knew my stamp issues better, I would know that these two have already been on US stamps!!! Oops!] Anyhow it's great they are on stamps and maybe it will raise awareness of these poets and poetry in general.

One of my favorite poems by Wallace Stevens is The Snow Man, which I was going to quote here, but it might still be covered by copyright, so I will send you to a link at Poemhunter.  Read it slowly.  Interesting note: Stevens was an insurance company executive in Hartford CT, home of insurance companies, for much of his life.

Next week:  No theme in particular, just post whatever you would like.


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Helen said...

Hi Viridian! Thanks for this weeks theme - it has been fun to think about!
It is always curious who is and isn't commemorated on stamps, isn't it? I am glad to know Robert Frost has a stamp - I still remember studying him at school (and enjoying his work). It is a great set of stamps you have showcased.
Cheers, Helen.

Joy said...

These stamps created quite a flutter of excitement on a Goodreads book discussion. Must be the first time stamps were discussed on there. They look rather good as a whole.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

Poetry was always something I had to endure at school but now I wish I'd paid more attention and been more appreciative. I love these stamps, not least because they've introduced me to new poets.

Lisa B said...

Sylvia Plath is the only one of these poets I have heard of, and I think that is more to do with her life and death story rather than the poetry. Lovely set of stamps and it does make you want to look up the poets and have a look at their work.

Marcie said...

This week was a challenge. Btw number 8 misses http:// in the address!

Little Nell said...

I tried to re-enter the correct link and Linky won’t let me as it thinks I have already had one chance and I may be spammer :(

Please do visit me using the corect link below as I don’t know how to edit Linky.

viridian said...

Little Nell: I have fixed your link and it should work now.

Claudya Martinez said...

These are great. I'm particularly fond of e.e. cummings.


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