Sunday, May 9, 2010

Movie Star Postcard

Who is this? For a split second I thought it might be Robert Pattinson - do I need to say what movies he's in?

No, the top postcard image is of James Dean, photograph by Roy Schatt. The copyright to this photo (or the postcard, or both) is held by the James Dean Foundation.

It's not our normal image of Dean, and this profile shot, of his left side, is not common. Nor is it a common pose for Pattinson.
Hmm, maybe I am beginning to understand the the Robert Pattinson frenzy.



Ann said...

this is a great photo of James Dean. But, I just don't see Pattinson's resemblence to the great James Dean. Pattinson just doesn't have the underlying "heat" that Dean had.

viridian said...

True, Pattinson is NOT Dean, not by a long way. It's interesting to me that in the micro-second when I did not recognize this person in this postcard, my mind reached to Pattinson.

Paul van Yperen said...

Pattinson has great hair, but my vote is also for James Dean.

Dorincard said...

Does the frenzy make you stutter?
"I am beginning to understand the the Robert Pattinson frenzy."
Just kidding :).

Tussy said...

I prefer Dean to!

My Bangkok Through My Eyes

Linda said...

I know a few women (ages 50+!) who are absolutely mad for Pattinson. Thanks for helping to explain it with this James Dean comparison.


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