Friday, January 1, 2010

Post #75: Happy New year and PFF

Thank you to Marie, for hosting this party at the French Fractice.

For Postcard friendship Friday I have:

A postcard dated Jan. 1, 1913, postmarked Los Angeles.

Dear Son,
All are well. was down to Pasadena today to see the floral Parade Uncle Jim aunt and Charlie went with us so warm we sweat. ??? ate their dinner on the ground and lay and slept on ground. write 1228 Ingraham St. Los Angeles CA - Mamma"

Well, I knew the Tournament of Roses parade had been around for a long time, but I did not know how long. First started in 1890, in 1895, the Tournament of Roses Association was formed because it was getting to be a big event.

And the joy of Google Maps: 1228 Ingraham St is now a parking lot one block from Good Samaritan Hospital, and a few blocks from the 110 interstate. I bet it was a trim single family house on a quiet street in 1913.

(Just back from a family holiday)


Marie Reed said...

1890! That's amazing! I woudn't have guessed that it had just a long history. The card is so eye catching! Happy PFF and Happy New Year to you!

Christine H. said...

Very interesting. Yes, Google maps is amazing and wonderful, except when it's creepy. I can see my car parked outside and the garden umbrella. Wow.

Lyneen said...

LOVE THE POSTCARD... what a treat to find one that mentions Pasadena and the parade. PFF

Beth Niquette said...

What an unusual postcard! I LOVE IT! Happy New Year, and a wonderful PFF to you!

Mary said...

Viridian: I went to the Rose Parade, as I do often, and enjoyed it, as always. You can't imagine how incredible all the floats are in person. My mom (who is almost 80) went as well - she has been to every parade since she was five years old except for three of them. Pretty awesome!

Erika Jean said...

very cool postcard!


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