Saturday, April 25, 2009

Postcrossing Saturday

This card is from the Czech republic. This castle is in the NE part of the country, says my correspondent. The back of the card is only in Czech but "Moravici" suggests this may be in Moravia.

And hey, I just made plans to go to a conference in Prague in July!

Well it's been two weeks of a postcard a day, and I am liking this. Though if you want the real Postcard a Day blog, click here. I recommend it, and I think I'll add it to my links on the right.

I also like having a theme for the week and hope you do too. I hope I can come up with enough themes! My collection is fairly small, and Postcrossing has actually increased the diversity quite a bit.



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the mention! :) How are you finding posting every day? It's quite a bit more time-consuming than I expected when I first started.


viridian said...

I agree, yes it is. I am only two weeks into it! I keep my notes very short. I do appreciate your work and many others who have such thoughtful entries.


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