Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sunday Stamps # 177

I am having intermittent outages of internet connection tonight, so I think this will be a shorter entry than usual.

Our theme this week is archaeology/anthropology, as always interpreted broadly.  Perhaps a stamp of a historic site?  Or of historic art?

As in this stamp of very old, very historic art.  I find rock art from this time period fascinating, and I wonder what other artifacts may have existed but have since decayed away.

Maybe, now that you have seen my stamp, you can think of some related stamp in your collection?  Please join me this week, and visit some other contributors.

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Theme next week: Sport.
Theme week after that: beautiful landscapes.



Joy said...

I empathize with the outage, my provider had one yesterday and half their geographic area went down, reason unknown. What a wonderfully preserved painting on the stone.

Bob Scotney said...

Great rock art.

Mail Adventures said...

Interesting stamp!

Heleen said...

These are beautiful stamps: great theme, beautiful colours. Thank you for sharing!

Ana said...

Maybe archaeology isn't really my strong side, but I do find it fascinating and today's theme is such a great way to learn new things about history and the world we live in!


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