Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sunday Stamps # 153

Hello again Sunday Stamp contributors! We keep rolling along week after week, keeping a routine to my (and your) Saturday Night and Sunday morning.  We have a new all-in-one scanner/printer at chez Viridian so that slowed me down a little this evening as I learned the new procedures for scanning.  But all is now ready to go for Sunday Stamps.

Our theme this week is anything you wish.
I am still in a wintry mood and so I am scanning this stamp from Finland:

I have received at least one other in this series - sweet vintage illustrations of children in the winter.

Coming up: I'll be repeating some favorite themes, and I will appreciate any suggestions.  After 152 weeks, there is going to be some repetition!

Theme next week: pets.
Theme the week after that: geology or landscapes.



Postcardy said...

My favorite themes are "postal" and "anything you wish."

Maria said...

Happy New Year Viridian!

I'm happy Sunday Stamps is rolling again for this new year. :) It's nice to see these Christmas Hug stamps from Finland. I think the stamp that I have is from the same set of issue. I can't find more info about it on the net but there's a lot of write-up about these stamps that you have.

I want to suggest the theme: music, machines that fly (e.g. air planes, hot air balloons), and funny stamps.

Joy said...

The stamps would make nice postcards too. Happy to join you rolling into the new year.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I love the Christmas stamps this year. They remind me of Victorian scrapbooks.

Ana said...

in general im not really into Christmassy stamps/cards, but the vintage touch on these does make them appealing to me and heartwarming :)


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