Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sunday Stamps # 139

More beautiful fall weather this week in the Midwest USA. Another beautiful day today. It's Saturday evening, and time for Sunday stamps.

I apologize for not commenting on your blog entries last week.  I did visit your blogs (in the morning, before church) but then the day became very busy and I could not visit again later.

The theme this week is ethnic or national costumes.  I once again have a wonderful stamp from a Russian Postcrosser to share with you.

An amazing headdress, perhaps a wedding headdress?  I cannot understand the Cyrillic script.  I wonder how much it weighs.
Please join me with ethnic or national costumes, interpreted broadly, for this week.  (If there was a USA national costume, it would be jeans and a t-shirt, worn with sneakers/tennis shoes!)
Theme next week: birds.
Theme two weeks from now: Industry (interpreted broadly).


Postcardy said...

Wikipedia has it here:

the call it a wedding crown from Nizhniy Novgorod Province.

Joy said...

I like the series they did on headdressses. It would certainly be a glitzy entrance down the isle in this one. Russia has such a rich diversity of costumes.

agi said...

This is from a great set of stamps, russia does it impressive no doubt

viridian said...

Thank you postcard for this information.

Maria said...

I like these Russian head dresses on stamps. I have one showing a cloth head dress with elaborate earrings. It's really just frustrating sometimes for me that I can't read Cyrillic characters too.

VioletSky said...

oh dear - she doesn't look very happy for wearing a wedding head dress!

Bob Scotney said...

She has to concentrate to keep that head dress on.

Ana said...

the Russian stamps have always been among my favourites...never fail to impress and they always pay so much attention to details!

Master said...

Hi All!
You have gathered some interesting dresses and head gears. Sorry I missed some previous sharings.
I will try my best to join you next week for the birds theme.


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