Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sunday Stamps # 112

Welcome again to Sunday Stamps!  It's a gray day with a few snow flurries here in the Midwest USA.  Where are you Sun?  Maybe you have better weather where you are.

Our theme this week is open, anything you wish.  I have for you  some stamps I just purchased at the Post Office - and the scan is from them too.

The stamp is much smaller of course and much of the detail is not visible.  From the US Postal Service: "In 2013, the U.S. Postal Service introduces Global Forever®, a new international rate stamp. The Global Forever® stamp offers a single price for any First-Class Mail International 1-ounce letter to any country in the world. For the January 27, 2013, price change, the Global Forever® stamp may also be used to mail a 2-ounce letter to Canada.

This stamp features a rendering of Earth composed of images created from satellite data and redesigned with 3D computer technology. The view of our planet shows the Atlantic Ocean flanked by the Americas, Africa, and part of northern Europe. In the stamp art, the globe is isolated on a white background. The shape of the stamp is round. The text, which surrounds the image of Earth, includes the words “Global Forever.”

Artist Leonello Calvetti used a variety of maps, primarily from NASA, to create his design. With 3D computer technology he was able to modify depth, vary color, and create subtle light and shadow details on terrain surfaces to achieve a high level of photorealism while also attaining something new. “I always have been fascinated by space and what astronauts could see from out there,” Calvetti says. “As an artist, an illustrator, I wanted to make my own representation of the Earth.” "

I do not know if the US has issued a round stamp before - if so they are uncommon.  The Postage rate for international letters or postcards is $1.10 now, for the moment, up from $1.05 last year.

I bought two sheets of these stamps for my Postcrossing postcards.  I am number 49 for the USA - pretty good considering the number of active Postcrossers in this country.  However my postage bill is pretty large each month!  I love receiving mail from all around the world, and I feature some of the stamps here each week.  I may have to cut back a bit.  I have been a Postcrossing member for 4 years, and I don't think I will stop completely.  It's getting harder to find postcards too.  I recently stopped in at a truck stop (!) to find State postcards.  My local grocery store and big box stores (including Walmart) have stopped carrying any type of postcard.

Anyway.  It's time for me to ask you to share a stamp on anything you wish, and link up below.

Theme next week (by suggestion): abstract designs.



Postcardy said...

I can't remember where to find my Postcrossing ranking, but I know it isn't very high. I sent out a few cards last week when I got an email saying that I would be made inactive if I didn't sign in soon.

Postcardy said...

I somehow deleted my whole post when I was trying to edit it, but I think I was able to reconstruct it OK.

hamilton said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bob Scotney said...

I wonder whether there is some significance in "FOREVER" with a line through it. Is this a 'hidden message'?

Joy said...

Cool stamp to send your cards around the world.

viridian said...

Bob: "Forever" means that the stamp will still be good, even after the postage rate goes up. Also, if you buy some just before the postage rate goes up, you save some money. The line is through it so that you can't download it, print it up and use it for postage!

Marcie said...

Austrian post had a few round stamps - I like them because they are unusual, but they are a pain when you try to tear them out of their stamp sheet ;)
Concerning the postcrossing stats: I am still in the top 30, but I guess I have to keep sending more to stay in the top 30, I lost two places last month!

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I received one of the round stamps just the other day. I think they're very attractive even if hard to use, as Marcie says. :)

I lost a Postcrossing place last month but I'm still 19th in the UK. I have, of course, been a member since the beginning of time.


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