Friday, June 10, 2011

Postcard Friendship Friday - June 10

Continuing our chrome postcard journey through Florida:

No location given, this unused card just says "Delightful tropical Florida living" on the back.  Along with the code "F.K. 80 - general Florida scene in natural color".  Gosh good to know this is natural color.  And take notice of that swell car - new at the time I think but now it would have antique plate on it.  Love the blue and the palm trees.

I am joining Beth at the Best Hearts are Crunchy for Postcard Friendship Friday.


Note: remember Sunday Stamps this week.  The theme will be a set of stamps that really should be pictured together, as the design is continued from one stamp to the next.  Any topic.


MrCachet said...

Looks like a Chevy, and at least the color of the car looks right. The landscape? LOL. Not so much, Naturally.

Tattered and Lost said...

I'm thinking bugs. They always forget to mention the bugs when they're selling Florida.

Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

That's a beautiful place to be. I don't know about the car but I think I want to have an afternoon walk or jog around that place. I wish someone will give this postcard to me. My entry for Postcard Friendship Friday is up - My PPF Entry.

Snap said...

This looks like a grand place to be. Lots of water to cool off in! Happy PFF!

Dorincard said...

Florid-i-a welcomes everybody, except "porcupine enthusiasts", according to the current laws...
Nostalgic postcard...nice car!
Tristan da Cunha?

Funoldhag said...

Ah, Florida. If only it weren't so hot and humid! Very pretty, though. The car kind of looks like one our son had when he was a senior in high school - maybe a 57 Chevie.

Sreisaat said...

That's a groovy car. Like Dorin mentioned, this card has a nostalgic feel to it. Just a thought, I wonder if my PFF entry for this week could be a chrome postcard?
Happy PFF... I'm excited for tomorrow's SS :)

Postcards Crossing

Postcard Perfect said...

Bautiful summer postcard and the palm tree complete the scene.

Mary said...

Looks "idyllic" rather than "delightful".


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