Friday, February 18, 2011

This is a postcard of a Lake Superior agate that someone has polished to show the beauty inside.  There are beaches on Lake Superior where one used to be able to look at the pebbles and find some that, not looking like this, at least had the potential to polish up like this.  I suspect those beaches have been pretty picked over by now.

I saw this postcard in the postcard gallery on Postcrossing and saved an image for myself. :-0

Thank you Beth for hosting Postcard Friendship Friday!
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Theme this week: Presidents/world leaders/statesmen or stateswomen.  You don't need to follow the theme however.


Christine H. said...

That is beautiful. I wonder that new ones don't get washed up by the tide replacing those that people pick up.

Joy said...

Beautiful markings. Pebbles are irresistible to pick up, each one unique.

Postcardy said...

I haven't looked for agates, but I would think that new ones would be washed up or uncovered.

viridian said...

New pebbles are indeed washed up, but many people know about these beaches and go out and pick up the pebbles.

Snap said...

WOW ... all I ever find are a little sea glass and an occasional shell. Perhaps I should travel to Lake Superior! Lovely and Happy PFF~ said...

Beaches over up such great items. I'd take a whole truck load of beach glass if I could.

Deborah Swain said...

wonderful colours...does anybody else see a face with a big smile?!!

Coffeedoff said...

It is lovely. I think it looks like a sailing ship on the sea.

Bob Scotney said...

I'm sure that there will always be pebbles there that will polish up. I polished several rocks as part of a geology course at university but it's fossils that realy interest me.

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

I searched for agates when I was a young girl...wrote a story about this memory on Lake Superior. I'm sure there are plenty of agates in and along Lake Superior...the lake is so huge! Love your post!
Have a great day!

Terry said...

Howdy Viridian
Happy PFF to you :)
I'm running way behind this week .
This is a very beautiful image .
Thank you for sharing .
It would be so much fun to find a lovely rock to polish while walking along the shore.
Have a very happy rest of the weekend .
Until Next Time
Happy Trails

Funoldhag said...

Back in the 70's my husband got into polishing rocks. That is absolutely fascinating. Your postcard brought back some nice memories for me.

Dorincard said...

Looks like a triangular postmark from Botswana :D :D :D.
Very nice!

Aimee Dars said...

Lovely agate. Beautiful striations!


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