Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Stamps #4

This stamp came to me on a Postcrossing postcard from Latvia.  I don't know what it is commemorating, but I suspect it is the Soviet Occupation of Latvia, given the dates of 1941 - 1991.



Deborah Swain said...

"Sunday Stamps"! I like the way that rolls off the should start a new meme...!
Is that a sacred heart? An unusual image for the Soviet occupation...interesting stamp.

viridian said...

yes I am thinking of a new meme - in the new year.

Misis Misė said...

Here you can read true story about this stamp. Its not from Latvia but from Lithuania. :)))( )

Misis Misė said...

Dear Viridan,

this stamp is Lithuanian. And its dedicated to Lithuanian uprising against Soviet Union ocupation. Here is the story -


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